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Common Jaguar Problems

Posted by on Oct 20, 2016 in Jaguar Repair

The most common repair that we perform on all the Jaguars would have to be “ Coolant Leaks “ either due to the plastic components , i.e. Coolant Reservoirs and Thermostat Housing or rubber hoses due to age / miles. Also a common failure are the Air Shock Absorbers leaking down on the 2004 – 2009 XJ Series. Jaguar owners NOT getting their vehicle Serviced in a timely manner. We recommend Service intervals of 6 months or 6,000 miles whichever comes first. This is very important to assist with preventative maintenance. Jaguar owners getting repairs done by Non-qualified Jaguar mechanics causing more problems for us qualified Jaguar technicians.  I know sometimes it’s a cost factor, but believe me, it will be cheaper in the long...

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Jaguar Dealerships Vs. Independent Shops

Posted by on Oct 20, 2016 in The Jaguar Doctor

As far as going to a Jaguar dealership rather than an independent Jaguar repair shop, I can only compare coming to my Jaguar repair shop. Having worked at dealerships most of my working career can give an excellent view of what to expect. I think going to the dealership is good for repairs  under  factory warranty, factory recalls and buying a used or new Jaguar. Also maybe getting a loaner vehicle while the repairs are being performed and that’s about it. Coming to The Jaguar Doctor I can guarantee the same if not more knowledge with our Jaguar factory trained Master Technicians. With our Jaguar diagnostic equipment and Jaguar electrical books we can pinpoint your drivability and electrical problems at the labor cost of almost half that of the dealership. Still only quality parts used for repairs. If factory parts used then NO inflation in the list pricing as the dealership tends to use matrix pricing.  If a quality OEM part can be found then great as costs will be lower. All our work still has the 12 month/ 12k miles warranty. Again our hourly rate is almost half of what the dealership charges with the same Jaguar technicians performing your repairs. Efficiency is always are goal, whether you are waiting in our comfortable waiting area or dropping off for the repairs. Always available to talk and answer questions  as my business line is my cell phone. Many small repairs while we are servicing your Jaguar are done at no extra cost due to only taking a couple of extra minutes, i.e. replacing air filters, a/c cabin filters, wiper blades, some bulbs, unlike the dealership.  You will also enjoy our friendly and relaxing...

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Jaguar Fault Tracing Costs

Posted by on Oct 20, 2016 in Jaguar Diagnosis

In many cases, we will fault trace your Jaguar free of charge. For example, if we pinpoint a coolant leak, listen to a noise or even perform a quick scan to check fault codes due a Check Engine Light on, we won’t charge you a dime. In other cases where we have to spend a considerable amount of time diagnosing a drivability problem or electrical fault, then a one-hour diagnostic fee is applied. I can sometimes waive the diagnostic fees if I perform the repairs...

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Jaguar Pitfalls

Posted by on Oct 20, 2016 in Jaguar Maintenance

Many Jaguar pitfalls can be limited by routine maintenance and servicing. Coolant and oil leaks can be repaired before major consequences. Jaguar Air Shock Absorbers for the 2004-2009 XJ Series are expensive, therefore we use an aftermarket brand that is excellent quality and provides a limited lifetime warranty. Some coolant repairs can be expensive due to access of the failed component and replacement of other parts while there, but these types of repairs are essential to the running of the vehicle. Regular shock absorbers can be expensive due to suspension knocks, therefore we use a good quality OEM brand. Jaguar transmissions rarely have problems but when they do, they can be costly and may need a transmission rebuild. Jaguar engines are very reliable and it’s rare that we need to replace one. If we do, it’s usually because the engine overheated due to not stopping the car when the indicator is in the red. Another reason for engine failure is very low engine oil from failing to get your vehicle serviced. Call the Jaguar Doctor of Orlando...

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